About Us

SailBlue is one of the best companies if you are looking for a boat to enjoy the Croatian coast. With us, you can choose over 3000 boats in Croatia and over 5000 all over the world from established charters.

Our customers are always in the first place and that is what makes us the best choice for you. We started our story on the water and that is the best way cause only like that we can actually know what our client’s needs. Stable company with great feedback is what everyone wants and that is our motto from the beginning.

We focus on the details and our full service is something that is taking us above the others. You want peace and quiet places, a glass of wine in your hand with the best view or a bit of a party with a good vibe you are in the right place. Something here is 100% sure, you will come again.

Your satisfaction is our reward!

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