Route 2

Day 1 (Base marina - Šešula)

Introduction to the skipper, boat and safety regulations on board. Sailing from the base marina to Šešula (a small bay on the island of Šolta) where you have dinner in a nice little restaurant with a beautiful view.

Day 2 (Šešula - Vis)

Setting your sails up from there and going to Vis. Beautiful place on the even more beautiful island with a lot of history, nice vineyards and amazing view from the top of the island. Nice place for scuba diving and land exploring that you just can’t skip.

Day 3 (Vis - Lastovo)

Lastovo is your next destination. This island is full of legends and stories, witches and giants then all of the others together. It is also one of the nature parks in Croatia and place with the most different kind of sea animals.

Day 4 (Lastovo - Mljet)

Sailing to Mljet is always an adventure. You can’t imagine nature that beautiful al that one you are going to see down there. Definitely, a place to be in a small bays riding your SUPs or Sea Bobs.

Day 5 (Mljet - Korčula)

Sailing to the island of Korčula which have a huge wine history since the Greeks came on that island 2300 years ago. Admire the architecture of Korčula and visit the house of Marco Polo.

Day 6 (Korčula - Hvar)

Set your sails up and go to Hvar. Always crowdy and full of life but place that you can’t skip. Fancy place on the island of Hvar with more than 300 sunny days per year. Great party places and restaurants where you can enjoy very good seafood.

Day 7 (Hvar – Base marina)

Easily going to your base marina but on the way stop to beautiful bays, looking for recommendations from your skipper to visit some places on the coastal part that you didn’t visit before. Arriving at the marina in the afternoon.

This is only an optional route and it can be easily adjusted depending on your wishes, starting point and weather conditions. Your skipper will always have the best advice at the moment.